Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Lizards of Lustria - In the Beginning...

...there were lizards. Then the frogs (Slaan) worked their diabolical mage-science on them, and made Lizardmen. Not satisfied with that, they made different types: Saurus, and Skinks, and even Kroxigor.

When it was decided we would forge a path back into Warhammer, I knew we had to have a Lizardman army.

"Why?" you may ask?

Simple. I already own quite a few, all painted up and ready to go. They can pull double duty for me: Venusian lizardmen for my VSF Universe and Lustrian skins, saurus, etc. for Warhammer. Being a cheapskate, I think that is great.

At this time, I have the following already painted (*indicates the unit includes a champion):
  • 1x Saurus on Cold One, black and red
  • 9x Saurus warrior, black and red (plastic)
  • 7x Skink archer, green blue and yellow (plastic)
  • 10x Skink javelins, red and pink*
  • 10x Skink javelins, dk. blue and lt. blue*
  • 10x Skink archer, green and yellow (plastic)*
  • 10x Skink archer, red and orange (plastic)*
As far as the unpainted ones go:
  • 1x Stegadon
  • 2x Skink champions
  • 1x Skink champion (plastic, 6 ed.)
  • 12x Skink spears
  • 6x Skink drummers
  • 1x Skink totem bearer
  • 10x Saurus warriors (plastic)
  • 2x Saurus spearmen
  • 22x Skink archers (plastic)
  • 1x Skink warchief (triceraton skull helmet)
  • 1x Saurus Cold One rider
  • 3x Saurus Temple Guard command (hero, standard, music)
Somewhere I have some more Skink totem bearers that I have modified to be hauling really big clubs, but I am not sure how many. Five, maybe. And, I think, a Skink shaman. Need to dig those out.

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