Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Blog is Moving!

As of this post, I am going to be moving all my Warhammer blogging to a new blog that combines my other gaming interests in one massive huge glorious stew.

The Scattergun Gamer is the new blog.

I will eventually probably delete this blog, but not for at least 90 days. The combined blog is something of an experiment. Call it a 90-day free trial period, if you like.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Earth Trembles!

The Stegadon approaches!

So the Stegadon is done. Mark that off the goals list for this month. I ahve been doing really well on the list for my VSF forces this month, but need to concentrate more on the WarHemorrhage side of the coin. I have been distracted by demands for BattleMechs, as well, and painted two of them so far this month (an old Phoenix Hawk and a Panther, if you care.) Here's the Panther:
Note the Talabheim color scheme - not an accident!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Miragliani Marksmen...

I won five packs of these for $25! They should arrive in the next week or so. Not too shabby, I think.

Quick update:

I've been busy working on terrain as well. I have some new rock outcroppings and cliffs that are nearly finished. Also, I found some apple trees on clearance at Hobby Lobby, so there is a four tree orchard on the way. Finally, I have been working on a new canvas mat for the table top, suitable for Empire battles. Sadly, I really messed up on the first one. It will be transformed into a Martian landscape. The second one looks better, but is too dark - more like a jungle than European fields and such. Fine for Lustria and Venus, but not what I wanted for the Empire. So try number three is coming up in the next month or so.

Finally, I have nearly finished the Lizardman Stegadon (old metal version). The crew just needs a little touch-up and then to be glued in place in the howdah.

No work on Empire. Well, almost none. I started the last six flagellants. So far, just the flesh has been painted. Like I said, not much. I got a new pot of paint to help vary the dark reds of their robes.

Next week is Spring Break. I hope to get a lot of painting done

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Poll Results, Purchasing and Monthly Goals

Wow... been almost a week since I last posted here. First month postings were pretty good, though. Hopefully March will live up to February's start. One can always hope.

So the poll. Obviously, more people thought winged lancers were the way to go. Personally, I was hoping for both. One thing I do not like is the winged lancer champion. Maybe I will do a weapon swap on him - its the mace I primarily do not like. Yes, I know a mace is a very effective weapon, especially against heavy armor. Don't care - I don't like them. So maybe a sword or lance. Anyway, I have decided I want both, and have already gotten 9 horse archers. Still need a musician for them (did they make one? I have to check my old Empire book).

Purchasing wise, I have got to slow down. First of all, I have tons of stuff now, waiting to paint (more on that in a moment). Second... I am running out of money! So, other than a little bit of stuff on eBay, and a private deal kinda in the works, I am done buying for the next few months. Yeah, right!

Painting goals for this month:
  • Finish the crew of the Lizardman Stegadon.
  • Finish the Empire Flagellants unit (4 down, 4 or 6 to go)
  • Finish the Grandmaster of the Knights of the Blazing Suns
  • 1x Sigmar Warrior Priest
  • 1 unit of Halberdiers (Wissenland)
  • 5x Kislevite Horse Archers

More later.