Monday, February 15, 2010

Terrain Idea for Empire.

I have been looking at the GW-made terrain online the last few days. It looks nice enough, and almost reasonably priced, especially if you get it as bits second-hand. Which got me to wondering about making modular buildings, as theirs look to be pretty much exactly that: panels you put together to make the building.

So that is what I will be trying to do myself. I figure if I do the walls two inches tall, that should be plenty for a story at 28mm. Right? Then make them, say, three inches long per segment. Make connectors for each segment, including corners. These should look like either a solid wooden post or dressed stone. Do both. Wall panels in two finishes: dressed stone and half-timbered. Also want to make some sort of floor panels. One that can form the underside of a balcony or overhanging second floor, one that can be a topside of a platform or stairwell or something. Gable end panels (three or six inch base length). Ceilings, both thatch panels and tiled.
Finally, for the fittings, I think a door or two that will attach to the wall, and some windows as well. Chimneys for the ceilings.


  1. Why the modular terrain? Thats a lot of work when you can slap together a few buildings in about the same amount of time.

    Or do you mean you are developing modules that can then be permanently assembled?

  2. Permanent assembly. You know those big panel walls LEGO does now? Something like that. Modular so you can build different shapes and sizes and heights easily. Just take the panels and the connectors, glue together and paint. Easy, right? I may get started on the first panel this weekend. I'm gonna price pasta rollers to see about getting the clay thickness uniform.